What is Nemus?

Nemus is a new approach towards protecting and conserving the planet’s natural resources, beginning with the Amazon rainforest. This approach connects anyone with a digital (web3) wallet, to a direct impact in the real world, through the use of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

What percentage of funds actually goes to conservation of the Amazon?

Outside of operational expenses and a small % for early investors (~3.5%), 100% of NFT sales goes toward the purchase of land, economic activity to preserve and conserve the land, and rewards for Guardian.

How do I know Nemus actually owns the land and cannot sell it out from under me?

All documents pertaining to land ownership will be publicly available for review within the Nemus application and also verifiable with Brazilian legal records online or otherwise.

As for NOT selling the land, Nemus will secure ownership of the land used for NFTs through a sophisticated legal structure which will impose a non-transferability and non-foreclosure restriction upon such land.

Also, due to Brazilian legal restrictions on foreign ownership of rural land in Brazil, the land used for NFTs shall be held by a Brazilian entity within the Nemus ecosystem.

Why is Nemus using NFTs?

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi... These technologies have been the missing link to building effective methods for protection of the rainforest. Previously, people could do little more than donate to a cause. Now, by simply holding an NFT, they become the cause.

Why is Nemus launching on Ethereum?

Ethereum is the network where NFTs were born, and still to this day, the largest source for NFT trading and liquidity. It is battle tested for an array of complex smart contracts and was chosen for our first drop due to these factors.

Do I actually own land if I have an NFT?

No. Brazilian law is explicit in regards to who can own land in the rainforest and its complexity would make it impossible to issue NFTs (that represent ownership of land) in a decentralized domain.

What rights do I have as an NFT holder?

While ownership of an NFT is not a claim to ownership of the land, NFTs grant Guardians the right to collect rewards in the native NEA token, mint additional NFTs through game mechanics, and participate in decisions concerning economic and social activity on the land, through the Nemus DAO. NFT holders will also gain access to the Nemus Data Room, which hosts a variety of documents and information pertaining to activity on the land, as well as drone footage, satellite imagery and more.

How often will Nemus have NFT drops?

The frequency of drops will depend on a variety of factors from supply and demand, to the availability of new land. At the moment there are roughly 5-6 drops planned within the first year of Nemus covering more than 50,000 hectares (125k acres).

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