Regions, Land Drops & NFTs


Within the Nemus ecosystem, each property that is acquired is referred to as a "region." Regions can vary dramatically in size depending on their location and type of land. Once acquired by Nemus, each region will require careful planning to assign a number of land drops within its boundaries.


The overall goal for each region is to reach 100% sustainability. This means that economic activity has been implemented throughout the region and it now has the capability to self-sustain, with minimal oversight.

Sustainability for a region is a long-term goal. It may require many drops and years of Guardian participation within the Nemus DAO to coordinate efforts between drops. However, once sustainability has been reached, it becomes much easier to calculate ongoing benefits for Guardians. It also guarantees the perpetual conservation of that forest property without the need for continuous (outside) funding.

Land Drops

Within each region, the land is broken up into smaller areas called "drops." Each drop is a predetermined size and can accommodate a limited number of NFTs. Information regarding the NFTs will be released before each drop is announced.


There are a multitude of stories within each drop. Stories that will create missions and purpose for Guardians who participate. The vastness of the Amazon and diversity of its inhabitants offer many unique challenges and opportunities and it is up to each of us to ensure that these stories have a successful outcome on our way toward sustainability.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The smallest denomination of land within Nemus is the NFT. NFTs will be offered in an array of set sizes and each one is tied to a specific geo coordinate location within the drop.

It is the sale of these NFTs that will fund the further purchase of land and the implementation of economic activity required to protect and conserve the land.

Please note that while ownership of an NFTs is not a claim to ownership of the land, they can be used to earn the native NEA token, unlock ongoing game rewards and foster sustainable activity on the land.

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