Indigenous Populations

Decades ago, the previous owners of the region handed over the keys for one of their basecamps to a local indigenous chieftain. He agreed to look after the property until the owners returned. Years later, he still waits.

The chieftain and his tribe continued to look over the land, but with no means to create additional value or to efficiently harvest its resources. Over the years, their population has grown into a small village within the basecamp, complete with a soccer field and a one-room schoolhouse. Yet the village is run on a single generator, and without running water.

In late 2021, several of the Nemus team members traveled to and met with the indigineous village. A formal meeting took place, wherein the Chief’s first request was to receive an internet connection in order to help educate the children and learn more about the outside world. We believe we can do so much more.

The opportunity for Nemus to have a desirable impact for the village is enormous. And they are but one example of many such locations throughout the rainforest, each with its own story and needs. There is tremendous opportunity to work with indigenous populations and build a model for sustainable, environmentally sound cooperation that might be replicated throughout the world.

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