Discovering Feature NFTs

In order to discover new features a Guardian is required to 'lock' their NFT in exploration mode. This means that the card cannot be sold on a secondary marketplace, or placed into conservation mode (more on this in the next section).

After being locked for a certain period of time, the Guardian will earn the right to mint an entirely new NFT based on one of the four features on their card. The time required depends on the rarity of the card and a bit of luck. For example, a legendary feature like a jaguar could take several weeks to discover. The rarer the feature, the more difficult it will be to find.

Why would a Guardian want to collect feature NFTs?

Because filling out the collection in their journal is one of the only ways to earn XP, level up and claim additional rewards. Not to mention, cards may be able to mint a feature more than once and every Guardian will need to hold feature NFTs in their wallet in order to complete collections. Over the course of several drops, older features will become increasingly scarce as more Guardians seek to complete collections that span across drops and regions.

As Nemus comes closer to implementing exploration game mechanics, more details will be available on how it all works. Join the conversation in Discord to be one of the first to learn more about this entirely new mechanic.

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