Why the World Needs Nemus

It's no secret that our climate is changing and it is slowly pushing our planet towards becoming inhospitable. While we work to reduce our carbon footprint globally, the need remains to protect our planet's ability to sequester carbon naturally.

Forests are one of the most important carbon “sinks” in the world. Even though we plant trees and design financial incentives to offset carbon, one of the most effective ways to keep it out of our atmosphere is to protect our existing natural forests.

Yet, despite our best efforts, the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, still burns. It is constantly threatened by deforestation and is approaching a tipping point.

This tipping point threatens our global ecosystem, the richest biodiversity on the planet, and the livelihood of local communities and indigenous populations. Through Nemus, we will change the narrative that causes deforestation to persist, and we will do it together by showing how conservation is the most valuable (and responsible) use of our forests.

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