Cryptocurrency is a blanket term for an entire world of digital assets that can be bought, sold and traded (in most cases, without an intermediary) in a 24/7 marketplace, using web 3.0 technology. This is important because anyone with cryptocurrencies can participate in a myriad of innovative digital solutions, while retaining full custody over their assets. Transactions are near instant and their records are immutable. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the underlying technology, has essentially created an interconnected global ledger for the future of finance.

As the industry continues to rapidly evolve, we are seeing more and more of these digital solutions being used to create a positive impact on our real world. This impact presents diverse value systems never seen before. As an example, within the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), new models have emerged where participation can have an immediate benefit for those who participate. As these models continue to evolve, we will see platforms and solutions that give back to those who made success possible, in an equitable and manageable way (and without a middle man taking a "cut").

The technology behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the missing link for solving many of the challenges we face today, and without it, Nemus could not exist.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology create an efficient way to tie the impact of one person's "tokens," -- or actions within the ecosystem -- to an outcome in the real world, making it possible to reward them for doing good. Through this technology, we can now invite everyone around the world to participate in the ecosystem and make a difference by simply owning a digital collectible, an NFT.

And all of this is possible because of Ethereum.

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