Sustainable Forestry

A second area where Nemus will focus is in Sustainable Forestry. Brazilian legislation is extremely rigorous in its requirements for legal sustainable forestry. Every single tree that is harvested is pre approved, limited in numbers (so as not to impact the surrounding forest) and has a GPS location and individual identification number. This allows Nemus to know exactly what tree was cut, where it was cut, and what products have been produced with that specific tree. It is similar to a “natural blockchain” whereby a buyer of any timber product can digitally trace exactly where it was sourced, where it was processed and where it was shipped, and monitor any negative effects on the surrounding forest.

In sustainable forestry, you are allowed to cut a very limited number of trees per hectare, which in some cases can mean less than 1 tree per hectare. These trees are normally older trees that will eventually die and rot in the jungle. By harvesting these older trees, the surrounding trees grow considerably faster and transform the area into a younger, more robust and healthy forest. Once this harvesting is done, the forest is left untouched for a period of 25 years to allow the younger trees to grow and occupy the areas left behind by the felled older trees. Nemus will partner with organizations that follow the law rigorously and will be auditing real time any and all such activities in the forests.

Through the data room, access to available satellite and drone imagery will allow a Guardian to also monitor any sustainable forestry occurring within the areas of their NFTs. With this imagery and an array of maps, geolocation data and documentation related to any and all trees being cut, Guardians themselves will be able to verify the quality of conservation for decades to come, truly becoming ‘Guardians of the forest.’

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