Indigenous Co-ops

Nemus also aims to work with local indigenous populations to help them protect their own forest properties, and at their request, to include them in economically sustainable projects. As an example, in the Genesis Drop there is a community with a population of 76 that desires an opportunity to work in the harvesting of nearby Brazil nuts, and there are over 80 surrounding communities that have already signaled a desire to harvest fruit from their Acai trees. With their participation, a local co-op can be formed making it viable to create a processing operation for export to world markets.

Without this approach to organization and industrialization, many indigenous populations are left to sell their products to middlemen for a fraction of what the market value is, creating barely enough income to sustain their families and communities. However, by establishing co-ops we can unlock generational wealth for these communities, with an entire world of Guardians who will support them.

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