A Word on Carbon Credits

Naturally, the land Nemus protects will sequester carbon. This can lead to eventual certification of the land to generate carbon credits. Whether Nemus will have the ability to certify its own credits, or rely on a third-party to certify, is unknown. It is possible that a “natural” certification would be acceptable as Nemus evolves due to the transparency in its activities, documentation and within its community.

In any case, it is understood that the work done within Nemus has the potential to generate value in the form of carbon offsets for willing buyers. As the ecosystem grows and the model for Nemus matures, there will be many ongoing conversations to find the best approach towards carbon credit certification within Nemus. The only certainty is that the value captured from carbon sequestration within Nemus will be redistributed within our ecosystem, making Nemus an even more powerful force for good.

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