Sponsor NFT

For each drop, the single largest NFT is reserved for the sponsor of the drop. In the Genesis Drop, this NFT is 324 hectares (800 acres) in size. In order to secure the sponsor NFT, a sponsor is required to seed the rewards pool with NEA tokens that are then distributed to Guardians over time.

Below are three important motivations for a sponsor to participate in a drop.


The sponsor’s purchase of NEA signals to thousands of Guardians their desire to make Nemus a success. Each Guardian will be reminded of their motive each time they receive their rewards. Brand exposure will also be integrated into the app experience.


Sponsorship makes a strong statement on the organization’s environmental stance, by empowering a community aligned with securing and conserving forest lands.

Carbon Offsetting

While it is not the main focus, the sponsor may be able claim a carbon offset for their sponsor area, directly benefiting from the value of carbon sequestration on the land.

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