Rewilding & Reforestation

One of the main economic activity goals for Nemus is to implement rewilding and reforestation projects.


Through rewilding we aim to recover devastated and degraded areas of land to their original forest base. There are a multitude of NGO’s and research institutes that have developed technologies to recover these areas so as to achieve their original biodiversity in flora and eventually attract the fauna that inhabited these areas. Nemus intends to partner with these organizations, providing the logistics, infrastructure and funding necessary to develop projects on a massive scale. As Nemus matures, many of these decisions will be made by the DAO with the funds available in the Treasury.


Through reforestation Nemus aims to plant specific trees that will create long term jobs and wealth for the local communities. This includes planting millions if not billions of trees with important commercial value, which will eventually be forested in a sustainable manner guaranteeing continuous forest cover for these areas. Reforestation can include species like Brazil Nut trees, Cocoa, Bamboo, Teak, and Parica, etc., as well as threatened species like Mahogany, Ipe, Rosewood, Jacaranda, Pau Brasil and others. Many of these species, once they reach maturity, provide significant income for local communities with products like nuts, oils and essences, fruits, or high value timber that can be continuously replanted. This also includes medicinal and fragrance industry inputs such as copaiba, rosewood and others.

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