Digital Utility

One of the first anticipated use cases for the token is for the purchase of Nemus’s collectible NFTs in future drops. While our Genesis Drop will be conducted using ETH, all subsequent drops will be priced in NEA tokens and NEA will be the only way to secure a ticket within the Nemus application.

NEA will also be used to reward Guardians from the Genesis Drop who choose to conserve or explore their NFTs. These Guardians will be amongst the first to receive NEA tokens through these rewards and will have a front row seat to participate in all following drops.

Bridging the Gap

Beyond rewards and the purchase of collectibles, NEA will bridge the gap between our digital and physical realms. For example, there will be services and products -- related to the land within Nemus -- that will only be purchasable with the NEA token.

Conversely, the NEA token may then be earned by local community members and indigenous people located on or near the land, expanding its utility even further, reciprocating it back and forth between the digital realm and the real world.

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