Drop One: The Genesis Drop

To pilot the project, Nemus has entered into a binding agreement to take possession of a 41,000 hectare (~100,000 acres) property bordering the Purus river, near the city of Pauini in the state of Amazonas.
This property will become the first region of land within the Nemus ecosystem and has a rich history of economic activity, waiting to be revitalized. On its borders is an even larger property spanning 1.3M hectares (~3.2M acres) reserved for Nemus, once the pilot is proven a success.
In addition to the two properties mentioned above, Nemus is already in negotiation for an additional 5.23M hectares (~12.9M acres), larger than the size of Denmark or Switzerland. Protective belt, here we come!

It is here that our adventure begins...

The Genesis Drop will serve as an example for the many benefits of Nemus. This is a special drop to be a part of as it will set a precedent and employ a variety of initiatives on the land and for the ecosystem.
Read on to discover some of the initiatives proposed by Nemus and how you can acquire your own NFT to become part of the Genesis Drop.