NEA Token Rewards

NEA is the native utility token of Nemus and will have many use cases within the ecosystem as it evolves. (Learn more about the NEA token here) For those who choose to conserve their NFT, rewards are determined based on the NFT’s size and rarity tier.

The following diagram depicts the flow of rewards throughout Nemus, with specific details for conservation mode. Please note that percentages of token flows have been omitted as these will be in flux until prior to release.

As shown in the diagram above, each size NFT will have its own share of the total rewards. The rarer the card, the higher the percentage of rewards it will receive from its pool. Depending on the number of NFTs locked in each pool, along with the rarity of those NFTs, the amount of rewards can fluctuate from block to block.

The size itself will determine which rewards pool the NFT may collect from. For example, a large NFT may receive greater rewards than a small NFT as there are fewer that exist and are able to enter the large pool. In addition, each NFT receives a greater base reward percentage as the size of the NFT increases. (Learn more about NFT Sizes for the Genesis Drop)

As Nemus approaches the release of conservation mode, more specific details will be provided in regards to the percentage of rewards for each pool and the potential for each size NFT depending on its rarity.

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