Forming a Protective Belt

It is here, in the underbelly of the Amazon -- and the new developmental frontiers -- that Nemus will set out to acquire rainforest properties to create a protective belt. It is our belief that by strategically acquiring large amounts of land and simultaneously protecting multiple properties, that the belt will create a natural barrier to fend off deforestation within the remaining forest.

When viewed alongside state and federal parks and Indigenous reservations, a natural barrier is formed making it much more difficult to access the land due to a significant decrease in ingress and egress to the encompassed area. This approach creates greater risk and difficulty for those seeking to take advantage of the land.

With our team's experience working in the rainforest, each purchase will be made legitimately and in compliance with Brazilian laws pertaining to the ownership of land in the rainforest.

Nemus will also work to ensure that these lands can never be sold by implementing a sophisticated legal structure which will impose a non-transferability and non-foreclosure restriction upon such land.

With this strategy, we will have the opportunity to conserve the land and accelerate efforts to protect even more of this precious natural resource.

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