Accessibility & Scalability

To reach the world at large, the Nemus application is designed and developed using the latest WCAG standards while also leveraging AI translation technology to support over 25 different languages across the globe.

The interface is driven by modern Javascript based technologies such as React, Typescript, Ionic, and a WebGL powered mapping solution by MapBox. The API is powered by an array of sophisticated technologies such as Go, Terraform, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL to support real world GeoJSON data. All of which have a deep relational connection with an array of smart contracts to support all blockchain-related interactions.

As Nemus expands, the application will scale to accommodate millions of Guardians and implementation of new features. It will become a web3 hub, interacting across chains and providing a multitude of functions to serve utility for NFTs, the NEA token, and the Nemus DAO.

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