Physical Utility

As economic activities evolve, the NEA token will reflect the true value of conservation for the land, as it translates to the price of future collectibles. Real world utility in the form of products and services will enhance the utility for those who live in and around the forest.

For example, imagine a Guardian being able to have a live-stream camera installed within the area their NFT represents. They could have a monitor setup in their home or workspace to literally monitor the land or appreciate the connection they now have to the land. Perhaps they’ll even capture an image of a jaguar passing through the land. This service would require purchase through NEA tokens, which would then flow to members of the local community who handle its installation and upkeep.

This is but one example. The potential for real world utility is astounding and as Guardians and local communities come together, we imagine NEA supporting a multitude of real world use cases.

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