A Vision for Nemus

This is a simple thought experiment; a vision of the direction we hope to move towards with Nemus at the forefront of forest and land conservation.

Somewhere in the future...

The Nemus DAO protects hundreds of millions of hectares of forest land around the world. A web of Guardians coordinate economic activities across large parcels of land, helping land owners share in their collective bounty and responsibly steering land uses toward sustainability. The Nemus DAO has been forked many times over to create similar organizations that now protect our coral reefs, oceans and other valuable natural resources.

Globally, millions of people from indigenous populations to forest cities, have become part of a new economy. A vibrant marketplace connects them to a never ending supply of customers, who look forward to participating in their success and in their story.

The paradigm of all or nothing, pristine preservation vs. total destruction, is a thing of the past and conservation has been accepted even by our nation states as the ideal middle ground. People no longer have the luxury to destroy our land. The value of our standing forests has truly become greater than any alternative use.

Efforts led by Nemus have had an enormous impact on climate change and its ecosystem allows for efficient trade of carbon credits generated from the lands that Nemus protects. It has helped establish a true market for offsetting emissions, which have decreased tremendously due to the high cost of offsetting versus the value of simply doing good.

The Earth and its inhabitants are in a better place, working together and moving forward within a purpose-driven circular economy.

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