The Land

Although many of us may not think of land as being “participatory,” it is one of the primary drivers of value for Nemus. For thousands of years land has provided for humanity. Through seasons and life cycles, the land continues to provide us with sustenance and, in return, we offer it our protection. Through responsible use of its resources we can once again strike a balance that creates value for us all.


In an effort to raise awareness for the biodiversity in the rainforest, Nemus will feature original art from a diverse range of talented artists. Each drop will be part of a wider collection celebrating the flora and fauna of the rainforest and creates an opportunity for Guardians to acquire scarce artwork. As artists pour their talents into each drop to attract more Guardians, secondary sales will give back to the artist in perpetuity.


Guardians are the primary driver of activity in the ecosystem. Guardians have the ability to purchase NFTs, and either conserve, or explore these NFTs to enhance their collection. They also play a pivotal role in deciding the types of activities that take place on the land through participation in the Nemus DAO.


Sponsors participate by providing rewards for the Guardians in the form of NEA tokens. Ultimately, once a drop or region is brought to a required level of sustainability, they can derive a direct benefit from the value of carbon sequestration on the land.

Nemus Foundation

The Nemus Foundation is composed of the founding team and operational teams within Nemus and implements activity within the real world. The Foundation handles securing land, implementing sustainable activities on the land, and preparing and issuing land drops for Guardians to participate in. Its members will be a guiding hand for the DAO at the outset, until other participants become tuned into activities on the actual land.

The Nemus DAO

The Nemus DAO will be composed of Guardians and the Nemus Foundation, and will vote on proposals ranging from which sponsors are accepted, to which activities are adopted on the land, along with a variety of other economic levers. Ultimately, the DAO is responsible for releasing funds from the treasury for the various initiatives Nemus undertakes.

Local Communities

The term “local communities” references both Brazilian citizens living in and around the forest, as well as Indigenous populations on the land. Directly or indirectly, each of the activities that Nemus implements will have a positive impact on these local communities, as people find new means to work, generate income and/or improve their quality of life. As Nemus matures, these local communities will be able to directly connect through commerce with other participants in the ecosystem using the native NEA token.


As Nemus grows to include a variety of initiatives on the land, so too will its list of partners. Partners are an essential part of the ecosystem as they bring specialized products, services and advisory to accelerate sustainability both on the land and within Nemus.

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