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The Nemus DAO

The DAO Concept

Decentralization and disruption are two of the core principles within the “crypto” ethos. It is through these principles that new models have emerged to make organizations more efficient, transparent and equitable. Ironically, through decentralization we can bring people closer together, disrupting the way we organize around common interests. Conventional models are now being challenged by the evolving notion of a decentralized autonomous organization, a.k.a, a DAO.
A DAO goes beyond ownership of assets or equity. It allows individuals to take ownership of their decisions and form a collective direction for their organization. It is a toolset that empowers self-governance. What makes it truly different from a conventional organization is that these decisions (and their impact) can be automated through a set of rules encoded in smart contracts and recorded within an immutable ledger. This level of transparency and automation makes it much more difficult to game or exploit a system.