The first thing you'll notice after minting an NFT is its general appearance, which is similar to a trading card. This is because using a card approach is the easiest way to display a large amount of information, without taking away from its visual aesthetic.

Card Front

Information you'll find on the front of the card include:

  • Geo coordinates (location)

  • Parcel number (mint/serial number)

  • Parcel size

  • Featured artwork

  • Card tier (reward tier)

  • Specific border (rarity)

  • Region and Drop name

Even with a card approach, there is still necessary information that does not fit easily on the front of the card. This information can be viewed within the Nemus application, the card's metadata in a secondary marketplace like OpenSea, or on the back of the card.

Card Back

The following information is visible on the back of the card:

  • Feature categories

  • Randomly generated flora & fauna selections for each category

  • Feature sub-categories (types)

  • Feature rarity

As you read through this section, you'll learn more about each of the above points and what makes the Nemus NFT collectible, unique and useful.

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