There are over three million species present in the Amazon, making it the most biodiverse area on our planet. Nemus aims to raise awareness for this diversity by highlighting its unique flora and fauna on each NFT card, as well as throughout the online experience.

Each region and drop within Nemus will introduce new features, ensuring that each NFT accurately represents the flora and fauna in the area, further celebrating the immense biodiversity within Nemus.

For example, our Genesis Drop will include a total of 92 different plants, animals, and insects in its feature list. They are divided into 32 flora and 60 fauna. Each of the flora and fauna found in the list have been documented to exist in the drop area.

As a Guardian, you will be able to "explore" each of your NFTs to discover its features, giving you an opportunity to learn more about the biodiversity that exists, while earning rewards as you build your collection. (learn more about exploration)

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