'Mint' Tickets

In order to support a fair launch for the Genesis Drop, there will be a set number of tickets for purchase in the Nemus app, corresponding to the various sizes and quantities of NFTs available. Each ticket will have a set amount of ETH required for purchase. You can learn more about the different ticket sizes available in the Genesis Drop in the Sizes section of the litepaper.

It is important to note that this is the only drop planned to be purchasable with ETH. All future drops will require the use of NEA, the utility token of our ecosystem. Learn more about how Guardians of drop one will have the opportunity to earn NEA here.

To acquire an NFT, you will first need to purchase a ticket. Each ticket is redeemable at a 1:1 ratio for the same size NFT. So, for example, if you want one small NFT you will need to purchase one small ticket. If you've participated in other NFT drops, you may have come across a "mint pass." The concept here is the same. You essentially burn🔥 your ticket, in exchange for an NFT.

The Advantages to Using Tickets

Below are several advantages to using a ticket sale prior to claiming an NFT:

  • Tickets utilize the ERC-1155 token standard, so several can be purchased in a single transaction to help conserve gas.

  • Tickets can be released in waves to avoid concentrated periods of network congestion or gas wars.

  • Ticket sales can be held over the course of a few weeks, allowing everyone a chance to purchase across multiple time zones.

  • The amount of tickets per transaction and per wallet can be limited to make sure there are enough to go around. The exact limit will be determined closer to the sale.

Promotional Tickets

Around three percent of all tickets will be set aside for giveaways, contests and rewards.

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