Welcome to Nemus

Hello, Guardian.

If you're here then chances are you care about our earth and appreciate the abundance it provides for us humans to live and prosper. Most likely you've noticed that we've fallen a bit out of balance with nature lately, and that there is a need to find new ways to restore it, quickly.
This is why we created Nemus.
The initial goal of Nemus is to secure a sufficient amount of rainforest properties to form a protective belt within the Brazilian Amazon, in order to implement conservation of the land and protect it from deforestation. The purpose for this is twofold. First, it is to exemplify how responsible use of the rainforest can create more value than destroying it, and second, it is to create an ecosystem where participants can be rewarded for doing good. We call these participants, Guardians.
With this approach, Nemus can become an engine for positive change and use cryptocurrency to power a new model for environmental action, helping us rediscover our lost balance with nature.
Allow us to briefly explain why this is so important...
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